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Pre-recruitment tests for IT company
The customer
One of the top IT organizations in India which uses multiple channels of recruitment including print ads, job sites & company website as well as placement consultants.
The need
The organization receives thousands of job applications from across the country. As part of the recruitment process, the applicants are required to go through a written test.
Since the candidates were located far apart, the company could not bring them together for a test. Besides, it was not feasible to conduct multiple tests in multiple locations or to do it during work hours, as most applicants were working professionals.
Aptech Assessment Approach

Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions offered a comprehensive solution to the problem by integrating the steps related to the selection process.

First, Aptech suggested a move from paper-pencil to online testing. This solved the location as well as time problems since the assessments were available 12 hours a day and any candidate could choose a time-band suitable to him/ her.

Next, Aptech started up a centralized database containing all candidate data, whether it was obtained through responses to ads or from placement consultants. Following this, based on each candidate's location, Aptech scheduled a test for him/ her at the nearest Assessment & Testing Solutions Centre & communicated all details to the candidate. Rescheduling the test due to unforeseen circumstances is also possible.

With a wide array of locations & time bands available, the number of candidates appearing for the written test increased by a significant percentage. That helped the customer access a broader talent pool while reducing the cost-per-candidate by testing them online.

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