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Complete online pre-recruitment solution for PSU

The customer
A Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) that wished to reduce turnaround time during the recruitment process. The organization partnered with Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions to take the entire set of their pre-recruitment activities online.
The need
Managing recruitment assessment for public sector & government undertakings is an extremely challenging job since security procedures need to be followed stringently at every step. A large pool of applicants from various backgrounds & with different eligibility norms for each category enhances the complexity of the process.

The broad scope of work included:

  • Designing assessments in the areas of Aptitude, General Awareness & 6 engineering domains including Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunication.
  • Creating a large question bank. The size of the question bank was of critical importance as the assessments were to be delivered in multiple sessions. 
  • Creating an application portal
  • Processing applications & screening out non-eligible candidates
  • Designing assessments for 8 subjects
  • Delivery of test in online mode across India through multiple sessions
  • Result processing & recommending cut-offs
Aptech Assessment Approach

First, Aptech focused on the creation of a comprehensive, fair question bank:

  • A panel of Subject Matter Experts (SME) was put together & a Principal Test Coordinator was appointed.
  • The team arrived at a test blueprint conforming to assessment objectives. Once this blueprint was approved by the customer, items were carefully crafted & administered to a sample base of candidates and validated accordingly.
  • The final question bank was created in such as way as to ensure that all candidates get an equal opportunity in terms of level of difficulty of questions.
  • The entire process was conducted in a highly secure environment & none of the SME had any peer-level communication.
  • The final validation exercise was conducted by the Principal Test Coordinator along with representatives of the customer.


Once this process was completed:

  • The application portal was designed with the customer’s logo, look-and-feel.
  • The job applicants reached the application portal by visiting the customer’s own website. Keeping multiple filtering criteria in mind, the application portal was equipped to handle a large pool of applicants.
  • The test was conducted across various locations including Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions Centres and the customer's own locations. Aptech's technical team pre-audited non-Aptech venues to ensure that they conformed to security processes. There were multiple sessions & each candidate logging into each session received a unique assessment. After all the sessions were over, candidate scores were analyzed & a percentile method was recommended for the final short-listing of candidates.
  • A shortlist of eligible candidates was generated and shared with the client as well as being put up on the website.

Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions conducted the entire process online, thus reducing turnaround time from 45 days to 7 days, post-test.

At every step, Aptech maintained utmost security conforming to the high-stake government examination standards. The results even encouraged some other public sector organizations to re-look at their pre-recruitment process & opt for the online mode the following year.

Thus, Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions was able to make a positive difference not only to the customer's organization but also to contribute to a significant section of the industry.


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