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On-the-spot recruitment testing

The customer
An IT giant who recruits thousands of fresh engineering graduates every year from campuses across the country. Their recruitment team visits individual campuses to conduct a daylong process to select candidates. The organization was looking to outsource the written test for recruitment since managing large volumes of candidates was proving to be difficult for them.
The need
Often, candidates from nearby engineering colleges also come in for the recruitment process at one college, resulting in a huge mass of candidates for selection. The selection procedure consists of 3 steps: Written test, Group Discussion & an interview.
For the written test, conducting the test & declaring results in a short span of time was very important as the short-listing of candidates for the next 2 steps was dependent on the test results. With an ever-increasing number of candidates, it was difficult to manage with conventional paper-pencil testing.
Aptech Assessment Approach
Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions offered a revolutionary solution that helped the customer drastically reduce the turnaround time. An Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions team would accompany the customer on every campus visit. This team would set up a mobile testing centre, where a laptop with all required configuration was converted to a testing server & terminals on the local network were connected to this server. The complete suite of assessments was loaded onto this server & delivered through the local network. Once the candidates finished their assessments, the results were available immediately. Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions analyzed these results and provided section-wise scores to the client to make the short-listing procedure easy & faster. Short-listed candidates were called in for Group Discussions, immediately after.
With the introduction of mobile testing, the entire selection process became faster & error-free. The reduced turnaround time helped the customer spend fewer hours on the selection procedure, while also helping them cover more campuses within the given time schedule.

Once again, Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions lived up to the promise of maximizing customer value by providing end-to-end assessment solutions.

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