Desktop Setting HELP ?

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  1. Please ensure your system is virus/adware/malwares free.Click here To clean your system from virus/adware/malwares.
  2. Please ensure that your Computer must have the following Operating systems :
    Windows XP – IE 7 / IE 8
    Windows 7 – IE 8 / IE 9 / IE 10 / IE 11
    Windows Vista – IE 8 / IE 9 / IE 10 / IE 11
    Windows 8 - IE 10 / IE 11
  3. Disable all add-ons in the browser as follows :
    Tools - Manage Add-ons
    In the new windows - click on Toolbar and Extensions
    Select all add-ons one by one and click on "Disable" button below, if the add-on is enabled.
  4. Internet Explorer Security Setting :Go to “Tools”->“Internet option” -> “Security”
  5. Click on “internet” then click on “custom level” and select “Medium-high (default)”
  6. In the very same manner select the following options for the other options available under “Security”
    Internet---------------------Medium-High (Default)
    Local Internet---------------Medium-Low (Default)
    Trusted sites----------------Medium
    Restricted sites--------------High
  7. Configure Internet explorer setting as follows :
    Add URL and in trusted site,
    Internet Option – General – Browsing History – Setting – Every time I visit the webpage
    Internet option - Security – Local Internet – Custom level (Reset custom settings to be low)
    Desktop resolution 1024 X 768 or higher
    Enable Pop-up Blocker on your Internet Explorer and disable all tool bar ( Google ,Yahoo etc.)

    Disable Antivirus and Firewall.
  8. Once you have configured the computer with the above, it is advisable to use the same computer.
  9. On clicking below "Proceed" button, you will go to the login screen.
  10. Enter your Login ID. in the "Name" field and password in the "Password" field on login screen and click on ENTER.
  11. Do not Press Back-Space button on keyboard during examination.
  12. Do not close the browser when the test is going on.
  13. In the event of momentary network disconnection during the course of the exam you can resume the exam by logging in again and clicking the “Resume“.
  14. For any technical queries during exams, Please write mail to or Call Attest Helpline at 022-42040051 / 022-42040052 / 022-42040240/ 022-42040188 (Monday -Sunday,8:00AM to 8:00PM)
  15. For Queries relating to Exam Fees / Viva / Projects / Exam Portions and any other general queries, please contact Welingkars on 022-40514025 .


   Dear Candidate,

   Please note and agree to the below mentioned points before proceeding further:

1.       If a student is caught indulging in any malpractice during the exams at any of the exam test centers, they will be treated as absent and their admission is liable to be cancelled without any refund of fees. The Institute reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action against the student in such cases.

2.       In rare case the online exam may get disrupted or the score may not get saved due to technical reasons. In such cases the center will allow and the student will have to re-appear for his paper at mutually agreeable time but before the end of the current implementation cycle.

3.      Questions appearing for the exams, come from a centralized data bank and remains in an encrypted form. Since, the entire exam process is automated to avoid any variations due to human intervention, the data is not shared with students after the exams and there is no marks re-verification.

      I have read the above mentioned points and agree to abide by them


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