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  1. Please ensure that your Computer must have the following Operating systems :
    Windows XP – IE 7 / IE 8
    Windows 7 – IE 7 / IE 8 / IE 9 / IE 10
    Windows 8 – IE 7 / IE 8 / IE 9 / IE 10
  2. Security Setting :Go to “Tools”->“Internet option” -> “Security”
  3. Click on “internet” then click on “custom level” and select “Medium-high (default)”
  4. In the very same manner select the following options for the other options available under “Security”
    Internet---------------------Medium-High (Default)
    Local Internet---------------Medium-Low (Default)
    Trusted sites----------------Medium
    Restricted sites--------------High
  5. Configure Internet explorer setting as follows :
    Add URL http://attest.co.in/icfaimock and in trusted site,
    Internet Option – General – Browsing History – Setting – Every time I visit the webpage
    Internet option - Security – Local Internet – Custom level (Reset custom settings to be low)
    Desktop resolution 1024 X 768
    Disable Pop-up Blocker on your Internet Explorer and also disable all tool bar ( Google ,Yahoo etc.)
    Disable Antivirus and Firewall.
  6. Add URL http://attest.co.in/icfaimock and in Compatibility view Settings (for Only IE 8 and above User only). By Clicking on
    Tools – Internet options – compatibility view setting – add .Also select option “Display all website in compatibility view”
  7. Once you have configured the computer with the above, it is advisable to use the same computer.
  8. On clicking below "Proceed" button, a pop-up (security warning) will appear asking  you to run SecureP.exe. Click "Run" or "Open" option for installing SecureP.exe.
  9. You have to Login with Name: ICFAI and Password: ICFAI to access the Mock assessment..
  10. Do not Press Back-Space button on keyboard during examination.
  11. Do not close the browser when the test is going on.
  12. In the event of momentary network disconnection during the course of the exam you can resume the exam by logging in again and clicking the “Resume“.
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