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National-level Management Entrance exam

The customer
One of India's largest educational institutes that offers distance education in management at the postgraduate level
The need
Belonging to a chain of prestigious institutes in Pune, the Institute has a huge student base scattered across the country. Conducting semester and year-end exams for these students strained the Institute's time and human resources. They planned each exam, printed question papers, tied up with local colleges and deployed invigilators to monitor the test. The requirement was for a third-party provider who could take charge of these operations while maintaining the credibility of the exam.
  • All-India student base to be covered
  • Student identity to be verified
  • Different sets of question papers to be developed for the same exam such that no two students receive the same test
  • The Institute would conduct exams twice a year at the end of each study semester. This diverted precious time and energy away from other business
Aptech Assessment Approach
  • Starting 2004, take all exams online to ensure efficient administration
  • This is a one-of-its-kind examination, introduced for the first time in India by the Institute in collaboration with Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions.
  • Allow students (most of whom are also employed) the convenience of the Online Exam Booking System (OEBS). Using this, students schedule their exam at a time and venue of their choice.
  • Build awareness among candidates by mass-mailing and SMS-ing them at pre-set intervals.
  • After implementing Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions's on-demand, online exam system, the Institute saved 40% from the cost of conducting a paper-pencil test for each candidate.
  • Students get the convenience of on-demand, online exams. Once the academic semester ends in December, the candidate has until next December to choose a date and venue of his/ her choice to appear for exams for either semester.
  • Students can study at their own pace and schedule and take the exam when they are prepared.
  • Examinations take place all 7 days of the week, between 9 am and 7.30 pm.
  • The candidate can book his/ her examination a minimum of 5 working days before the day he wishes to appear.
  • Greater choice and flexibility of exam centre? They can choose from over 70 ATC throughout India and abroad.
  • Error-free results are declared much faster as compared to the traditional timeframe.
  • User-friendly, point and click system for the exam eliminates the need for any specialized skills to appear.
  • Venue quality is always consistent.
  • Such convenience to students has resulted in increased enrollments for the institute.
  • The percentage of candidates who would pass the exam under the traditional system and the percentage that pass now has remained consistent. The Institute remains assured that the exam is as stringent as it was before, allowing only deserving candidates to get through.

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