* Please type your University Registration No. and click on SUBMIT button to proceed for the booking of exam. For Eg. University Registration No. is /R/15-17-S/MBA/N/026
* Recommended Browser to be used is Internet Explorer, Version 6, 7, 8 Or 9. Also Browsers Google Crome and Mozilla Firefox can be used.
* When using IE 7 or IE 8 for the first time, the browser will ask you to enable or disable “Phishing Filter”. Click on radio button which says “Turn off automatic Phishing filter”
* Click on radio button which says “Turn off automatic Phishing filter”.
* After the above step go to “Tools”->“Internet option” -> “Security” Click on “internet” then click on “custom level” and select “Medium-high (default)”
* In the very same manner select the following options for the other options available under “Security”
(Default) Local Internet---------------Medium-Low (Default)
Trusted sites----------------Medium
Restricted sites--------------High
* Hall Ticket/Admit Card can be downloaded from Booking system in PDF format for which Adobe Acrobat Reader must be available on PC. Candidate MUST download and carry the HALL TICKET since Exam Login ID is mentioned in the HALL Ticket and not available with the centre. Without the Exam Login ID, exam cannot be started by the centre.

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